Quick Review: Coach Gallery at 360 mall 2

The interface of Coach Gallery

  Now , the first official coach Gallery in kuwait is opening at 360 mall, I mentioned the opening will be very soon  in my blog 


some scarves to garnish bags

I like this colorful scarve

  But, i didn’t pic a  picture for my new bag which i purchsed from coach, that will be a little secret of me


  1. lol i remembered heathrow airport when my wife was checking LV i think and i said you like coach right?? she said uh huh!! i said there is one over there she screamed like crazy and went over there like an 120 kilometer lol


  2. ذهبت امس الى coach
    بعد أن علمت إنه أُفتتح من خلال مدونتك 

    لم يُثِر إهتمامي أي حقيبه ولكن أغرمت بحافظات النقود
    بأشكالهم المختلفه المتميزه بالخفه وسهوله الفتح والسعه التي
    بالنسبه لي أهم صفه
    ولكن للأسف وجدت الأسعار مرتفعه قليلاً 


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